2D Scatterplot of Mixed_pupal_whole vs Mixed_feeding_5th_instar_mouthpart

Graph instructions

Zooming and Panning

Zooming graphs can be done by dragging the mouse over an area while pressing the left mouse button or by clicking close to the axis after the axis resizer appears. You can adjust the maximum and minimum value and / or drag an interval across the range. You can select samples by dragging the mouse over the samples you want to see while you pressing the left mouse button and the 'shift' key. Also, networks and haetmaps can be zoom in and out with the help of the mouse wheel or with the help. Panning can be done also in networks and heatmaps by either dragging the mouse or with the help of the the arrow keys.

Selecting data points or nodes

You can select data points in the scatter plots or in the networks by simultanously pressing the 'shift' key and dragging the mouse over the data points or nodes. You can also select individual items by simultaneously pressing the 'ctrl' key and clicking with the left mouse button on the individual item. Once selected, you can press simultaneously the 'ctrl' and the 'delete' keys to hide them or the 'ctrl' and the 'insert' keys to show them again. You can reset the selecting by pressing the 'esc' key.


You can use the arrow keys to rotate the 3D-Scatter plot or cycle over the axes in the 2D-Scatter plots (including the paging keys too). Of course you have to simultaneously press any of those keys and the 'ctrl' key.

Resizing, reseting and printing the canvas

You can resize the canvas image using the handle that appears when you mouse over the south and east sides of the canvas.

In order to reset the canvas just press the 'esc' key. To print the canvas you need to simultaneously click the 'ctrl' and the 'p' keys.